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At IMCP, we redefine what is achievable with our transformative coaching programs.


Come elevate the quality of your experiences by achieving peak performance in life and business.

Metaсognitive Programming Training & Certifications

Training to be a coach at the Institute of Metacognitive Programming (IMCP) is an immersive, comprehensive experience unlike any other. Under the guidance of Misha Saidov, the founder, and his team of MCP coaches, our Metaсognitive Programming Training & Certifications stands out for its rigor and exceptional quality.

We provide a uniquely personalized approach, directly engaging with small groups to provide in-depth training and practice. Our focus spans three vital areas: life coaching, business coaching, and health & wellness coaching, making up the three certifications we offer.

We believe that the value of any theory is seen in its direct applicability to real-life situations, which is why we adopt a skill-oriented approach. Our utmost priority is providing people with skills with which they can improve the quality of their lives and others around them.

Business Coaching
Business Coaching

We provide skills to work with the mindset of key individuals in the company to scale the business.

Life Coaching
Life Coaching

We provide emotional regulation and cognitive skills to recognize and overcome patterns and metaprograms, and consciously choose more constructive strategies.

Health & Wellness Coaching
Health & Wellness Coaching

We provide skills to work with the body through mindset and habits that help achieve good health and longevity.

Who can Benefit from our Programs?

Our programs cater to a diverse spectrum of individuals seeking transformative change and growth, resonating with the following people:

Our Achievements

Our journey is defined by remarkable milestones and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We have made significant strides in transforming lives worldwide.


We’ve had the privilege of guiding and nurturing over 4,273 students.


436 dedicated individuals have successfully completed our coaching program, becoming certified MCP coaches capable of guiding others toward transformative change. (Click here to meet our certified coaches).


We have 95 MCP coaches in our team who are committed to our vision to help as many people as possible.


We offer three comprehensive certifications in Metaсognitive Programming, ensuring that our graduates are totally equipped for impactful coaching.

Client Testimonials


The basis of the programm is effective, unique technologies fro transformation of thinking

I found out about Misha quite by accident at a Grant event. I was so impressed by the energy and vitality of the students and coaches and quickly fell in love with their glowing faces and sparkling eyes. I thought, "My God, who are these people?" I wanted to be part of this vibrant community.

I began the training thinking coaching would help me strengthen my professional skills—my work with people. But I soon saw that working with the mind is where I often get stuck: We all have everything we need but often fail to use and apply it.

I was also won over by Misha's concept of being a product of your product.

Metacognitive programming has become an integral part of my life. You start thinking and feeling differently. I worked through and resolved my main concerns: feelings of meaninglessness and loss of hope.

"Before even finishing The Exponent, I had already paid it off. Working with coaching clients paid for the training."

Within my first month of training, I had my first client.

Right now, I work one-on-one, but I am thinking of preparing a group format. All my clients are entrepreneurs. I don't look for them; they come by word of mouth, and my contact information is passed hand to hand.

Renata Barnakova

"Metacognitive programming didn't just give me knowledge; it transformed my entire way of life.”


Our thoughts determine our attitude to the situation

Svetlana was deeply struck by Misha Saidov's words: "You are your own first client.” The program's tools and personalized coaching sessions revealed how she thinks, how her reality is constructed, and how she shapes it.

But the results did not last long. Svetlana quickly understood her changing reality and determined she was "not quite ready."

After trying the program myself and seeing how it works, I now have a magic toolbox that I can confidently hand to every client.

My automatic reactions to situations, which were once very impulsive and unconscious, changed. They slowed down.

As a result, I could identify recurring behaviour scripts and begin to unwind them as I realized I wanted to change my behaviour.

Feedback from reality changed. A lot of new and unexpected things came into my life. But I learned how to deal with these changes in the moment. That's invaluable.

Svetlana Koneva

"It was immediately apparent that Misha Saidov's coaching approach is distinctive from the rest."


The five-hour online coaching training from Misha Saidov went by unnoticed and I really liked it

The first skill I learned was to let go of the past. There is only where I am now and where I want to be. Then, I ask myself, "What do I need to do to get there?"

Sometimes, I’m able to create an actual physical shift in my head, moving my attention where it's important.

I also learned to notice that when I feel bad, it means that I’m failing to accept myself in some way. Such as not earning the money I wanted or cursing at my husband. It's essential to realize, "Where am I right now, and where do I want to be?" and keep going.

Be honest with yourself. It becomes easier to be honest when you stop punishing yourself because you stop anticipating punishment. Honestly look at the issues like adults, get up, shake it off, and go on towards the point we want to reach.

Addressing my relationship with my husband was vital.

After I learned to manage myself more effectively, we could discuss things and build a new relationship after 24 years of marriage.

I spent years beating my chest, wanting to be the woman who made my husband a successful entrepreneur and millionaire. Instead of turning my attention to myself, I tried to save him.

As soon as I stopped doing that and started taking care of myself, and he started taking care of himself, we started building a new relationship. I realized:

When we try to live by a set of instructions, we betray ourselves.

Stop fighting reality and get busy with your life.

Nadezhda Kutolkina

"I was planning on taking the Tony Robbins coaching program. And then I met Misha. It didn’t take me long to decide to study with him instead."

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