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Metacognitive coaching is an evidence based, results driven and data focused progressive approach to personal transformation.

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Our mission is to elevate quality of human experience for one billion people one conversation at a time

Metacognitive Coaching Federation serves as a top level professional membership body for certified metacognitive coaches and supervisors and as a research institute offering training and advice to accredited companies.

We provide:

Learn about principles and standards of metacognitive coaching

  • Accreditation for training centres

  • Certification and testing for coaches

  • Research on cutting edge coaching and therapeutic practices

  • Professional standards for coaching and supervision

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Conversations that change lives

Metacognitive Coaching is science based and data driven but we are fundamentally human centric.

Our coaches don’t wear a coaching hat when they are in a session with a client. Being a coach is not a profession, it is a way of living. Metacognitive coaches are living examples of the transformation they want to happen with you.

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IMCP in numbers

  • 1500coaching sessions per day
  • 300certified coaches
  • 2accredited organizations
  • 2books written
  • 150 000lives touched
  • 25countries represented by metacognitive coaches

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