Why Work With Us

Being human comes with many challenges, and navigating life may be leaving you with a pursuit of practical solutions to your daily struggles. At our institute, we believe that every pursuit in life, including love, fame, health, money, and happiness, is fundamentally driven by the universal desire to feel better about ourselves. However, we do not work with our clients' requests and goals. This is because individuals, operating within their current level of consciousness, often cannot envision possibilities beyond their perceived limitations.

Unlike conventional approaches, MCP recognizes that people often limit their aspirations to a window of past pain-free experiences, akin to a cat avoiding a stove that once burned it. With our extensive coaching program, we will help you rewire your thought processes, break through limitations, and achieve your fullest potential.

Metaсognitive Programming


Metaсognitive Programming (MCP) is a coaching methodology created by Misha Saidov (more about him here) that has been demonstrated to be effective for a range of problems and life dilemmas.

Metaсognitive Programming

MCP is a tool that helps you identify your original programming and rewire yourself.

It combines powerful tools from psychology, biology, neuroscience, psychotherapy, and philosophy, focusing on helping people accept what they cannot change and changing what they should not accept.

MCP combines evidence-based tools of psychological intervention that lead to improvement in functioning and quality of life and are supported by numerous research studies.

How does it work?


MCP works by first reflecting on our thought patterns, which help us identify internal tension where we hold two seemingly opposing thoughts at the same time (cognitive dissonance).


For instance, consider a seasoned project manager learning about a new higher vacancy in their company.

The dissonance arises between the desire for growth (“I want to advance”) and self-doubt (“I can’t make it”).

This unresolved tension may lead to inaction and ultimately, the loss of an opportunity for growth.


The goal is to address such conflicts systematically,guiding individuals towards long-term well-being, including inner mental peace, emotional calm, and persistent ambition, otherwise collectively known as an “Unstoppable Tranquil Mind.” With a UTM, you can keep calm and know what to do even under the most challenging circumstances, and MCP is an optimization tool for achieving this.

Why our Programs are Different

Our programs stand out due to the integration of four fundamental principles deeply ingrained in our teaching philosophy, which are inspired by the visionary approach of Maria Montessori, but tailored for adults who are seeking transformative growth.

These principles collectively form the corner stone of our programs, differentiating ours from other coaching programs and meeting your deepest needs.

Misha Saidov


Meet Misha Saidov, a visionary entrepreneur and coach whose journey has impacted the lives of over 50,000 individuals globally.


His diverse academic background,including degrees in psychology, economics, and international relations, laid the foundationf or the groundbreaking concept of Metacognitive Programming (MCP).


Misha’s expertise and unwavering commitment to understanding human behavior, and how he can use thisknowledge to help people culminated in the creation of the Institute of Metacognitive Programming. Under this institution, Misha Saidov has been able to raise many other sound coaches like him.


Discover more about Misha Saidov’s transformative approach and his contributions tocoaching on his dedicated page.

We get Results

Metaсognitive Programming

As we have already pointed out, we don’t believe only in theory; we believe in results.

We employ KPIs, a system of tests, and forms to regularly measure our clients' progress throughout the transformative journey.

We don't just believe in theory; our commitment lies in delivering real, measurable results through the MCP modality.

Through our MCP modality, our clients experience remarkable breakthroughs, shattering limiting beliefs and unlocking their true potential.

They achieve significant career advancements, harness emotional intelligence, cultivate fulfilling relationships, and undergo positive behavioral shifts.

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